21-22 Conversations


Digital graphics.
The artwork was drawn on my mobile phone Samsung Note with the Sketchbook app.

People use an average of about 28,000 words a day in conversations with other people. Silent people can say 1,000 words a day. But with the words they use in their conversations with themselves or others, their words increase to the mentioned number.

I researched my conversations for two weeks. I was recording my communication. Then I tried to count / roughly through the records, of course, because I missed the exact number / words I used. Very interesting observation. Emotions changed from the outside. I saw them in colors that surprised me. The words intertwined in new color combinations. I drew them - every word through a winding line. The lines are the same or different colors, depending on the mood they express.

Below the lines I use a background of colored spots. The background was determined by the environment - the words, the ideas of my interlocutor, the general mood during the conversation, the light of the moment and the day, etc.

And so - my conversations became pictures.


Possible print sizes up to 120x120 cm.




Snezhana Stoyanova
Artist and owner of the educational center Studio S - one of the leaders in the field of private education in fine arts in Bulgaria - www.studios-edu.com
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