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SIM still means Subscriber Identity Module.

When I was a student, I had to live in a dormitory for two years while a company was building my new home.
One night I had left some tempera paint on the floor. In the morning I noticed strange marks on them. In thin paths, the paint was missing in some places. I suspected cockroaches, which were not missing from this apartment. The next night I left the drawings on the floor again. Cockroaches climb everywhere. But I wanted to make it easier for them. In the morning there were more paths without paint. I was already sure. The cockroaches ate the paint from my drawings.
This collection is related to the smears from my drawings and insects. Nobody likes cockroaches, so I use other insects in my paintings. But who knows, I might as well include a cockroach. And I'm sure other insects would feed on tempera paint too.

Possible print sizes up to 100x100 cm.



Snezhana Stoyanova
Artist and owner of the educational center Studio S - one of the leaders in the field of private education in fine arts in Bulgaria - www.studios-edu.com
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